Clearword your meetings

Clearword’s all-in-one meeting platform automates your meeting notes, providing records, transcriptions, and smart meeting summaries stored in one central, searchable, and shareable library.

Designed to compliment how you meet.
Clearword integrates with Zoom and Google Meet.

Automatically summarize and make Zoom meetings searchable and actionable.Automatically summarize and make Google Meeting meetings searchable and actionable.
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The home for your online meetings.

Schedule, record, transcribe, and share every important moment with Clearword.

Automated meeting notes & highlight summaries.

The Clearword AI Meeting Assistant empowers your team with real-time recordings, transcriptions, and smart highlight summaries that are stored in one central, searchable, and shareable library.

Letting you focus on being present in the discussion and less on multitasking.

Product image of Clearword automated summary within a single meeting page.
Product image showing a meeting library within the Clearword platform.

Search and share important moments from a central meeting library.

After the meeting, your automated notes will be instantly added to your single meeting page and stored in a searchable meeting library for you to continue the conversation.

Share, comment and collaborate with your team on any meeting, at any time, from any place.

Scheduling Made Easy.

Eliminate the hassle of back-and-forth emails with Clearword's meeting scheduler. Simply send guests your Clearword link or embed it on your website and let them book in a time that works best for you both.

The meeting will then be instantly added to your Google calendar.

Product image of the Clearword meeting scheduler