The home for your meetings.

Clearword automatically creates summaries of your meetings and organizes them in a searchable video library. An essential tool for hybrid teams to meet and work better.

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Modern Meetings

We believe that digital meetings were never meant to be like this. Old bad habits have been translated online and are causing modern meetings to be run inefficiently. A lack of suitable options mean meetings are treated like a catch all solution for hybrid workplaces, leading to burnout and meeting fatigue. With a worldwide shift to distributed work - a better approach is critical. 

Securely save, manage & share your meeting content so teams can meet and work better.

Designed to compliment how you meet.
Clearword integrates with Zoom, Google Meet and more.

A home for every discussion.
Your teams meeting library.

Having a record of all your meeting content is a powerful resource that helps teams communicate and work 10x more effectively. This is even more important in hybrid work models where communication needs to be accessible across locations and timezones.

Perfect records, zero effort. Summarized & searchable.

Clearword joins your call, records the meeting and automatically creates a summary. Create simple timestamped  notes during meetings, while having all discussion and files organised, accessible and searchable. Never forget a detail again.

Hybrid teams need better ways to meet. Welcome, Clearword.

Clearword is designed for distributed teams first. It is the foundation for you and your teams to have better, more effective meetings. Improve meeting culture, reduce ineffective meetings and create better communication across your company.

Have fewer, less stressful meetings.

Meeting Fatigue has become a real problem in todays modern work environment. Clearword makes meetings more efficient and makes sure your team is harnessing live communication in the most effective way possible.

CTRL+F for your meetings.
Search for anything.

Clearword takes meeting recordings and turns them into text, instantly making them searchable. Never leave a meeting wondering if you forgot something, or trying to remember who said what. Now, you can just search for it.

Automatic Meeting Summary, 
Meeting Minutes 2.0

Clearword creates intelligent summaries of your calls automatically. You don't have to worry about writing up the minutes or reports once the meeting is finished. Clearword does it for you. Summaries can be edited, personalized and shared easily.

Quick, Simple Notes. 
Timestamped for context.

During a meeting use Clearword to take quick-fire, timestamped notes. Notes will then be organized in relation to the timeline of the meeting so you can get the exact context in relation to the note. Be more present while keeping all the details.

Simple Pre-meeting pages, organize more effective meetings.

They key to having more effective meetings, is not just to improve how we interact during a call - but to make better use of all the activity that happens before and after a meeting. Clearword allows you and your team to discuss and create a collaborative agenda with a Pre Meeting Page.

Full Transcript. Editable, customizable, shareable.

Clearword turns all your meeting discussion into text. You can relax in knowing that you have a comprehensive record of the meeting that is easily accessible and fully searchable. Keep all the detail, without any of the effort.

Meeting Lifecycle - Before, During & After.

Better meetings dont occur from the time slot allocated for the call. Better meetings and overall culture are created by improving how we handle meetings at each stage of the Meeting Lifecycle : Before, During and After.


Plan, organize and schedule your team to run better, more effective meetings.


Take simple, timestamped notes for perfect context, while being more present.


Have a comprehensive record of your meetings. Make things easy with automatic summaries and notes.

Designed for remote and hybrid teams.

Hybrid and Remote teams require better tools to keep communication flowing and to maintain focus and alignment. More meetings is not the answer, a digital first meeting experience is.

Understand 30 mins, in 30 secs.

Clearwords automatic summaries make it possible to consume a 30 minute meeting in 30 seconds. Scan and understand at a glance.

Meetings into chapters.

Clearword segments and breaks up meeting content so you can quickly find information relevant to you. Perfect for remote workers catching up on missed meetings.