The home for your meetings.

Clearword automatically creates summaries of your meetings and organizes them in a searchable video library so teams can meet and work better.

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Clearword Meeting SummaryEngineering Group Weekly Meeting.

A platform that provides visibility and immediately amplifies the value of your company's meetings.

What is Clearword?

Clearword turns your teams meetings into text and creates Automatic Summaries of your calls. Summaries are a distilled version of everything discussed in the meeting and represent the key highlights.

Your meeting recordings are then made searchable & organized into a Meeting Video Library. Search for anything discussed across all the meetings in your organization

With all your meetings documented, you can use Team Panorama to gain visibility across your teams and understand your companies communication like never before.


Automatic Summaries

Intelligent Summaries are automatically generated by Clearword.
Think of them like Meeting Minutes, except much richer and interactive.



Meeting Library

Securely manage and search all your meeting video content.
Keep everyone informed and aligned across your teams.

Meeting Video LibraryMeetings


Team Panorama

Gain visibility across your organization and reveal new ways to support your teams.
Setup important keywords and get notified when they are mentioned.

Clearword integrations. Zoom, MS Teams, Meet.

Any recording, any media.

Clearword works with Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet & more making every meeting neatly organized, intelligently summarized and instantly searchable.


Automatic Summary.
Meeting Minutes, 2.0.

Clearword creates intelligent summaries of your calls and identifies action items. You don't have to worry about taking notes during a call or writing up the minutes once the meeting is finished. Clearword does it for you.

Summaries can be as short or as detailed as you like. They are easy to customize, add/remove points and share with your team.

Think Clearword missed something? Or, have an idea after the meeting? Add it, no hassle.


Meeting Library.
Meeting video, searchable.

Clearword automatically creates a Video Library for all your teams meetings. Every video is timestamped, organized and searchable.

Having a record of all the live discussions in your organization is a valuable resource and keeps information from 'falling through the cracks'.

Search for topics, projects or even mentions of your name. You can find exactly what you are looking for across your entire organization.

Team Panorama.
Total visibility.

Gain visibility across your organization and reveal new ways to support your teams.

Setup which keywords are important to you, and get a notification if they are mentioned. Participate in meetings you couldn't attend like never before.

Gain insight into what your teams have been discussing in your absence. Learn where you can add support or help them be more successful.

Meeting Illustration. ipad laptop.

Have fewer, less stressful meetings. Be more effective.

"Meeting Fatigue" has become a real problem in todays modern work environment. Clearword makes meetings more efficient and makes sure your team is harnessing live communication in the most effective way possible. Making the best use of meeting time and the information produced is critical to reducing the amount of meetings teams need to have.

Meeting NOtes Icon.

Less note taking

Note taking during meetings can be distracting. Be fully present in the meeting at all times.

Meeting Minutes Icon.

Automatic minutes

Writing up detailed Minutes after a meeting can be a time consuming task. Clearword does it automatically.

Messages Icon.

Be present, while absent

With Clearword you dont need to be present for every meeting. Detailed summaries can be better than live.

Notifications Icon.

Get Notified

Get notified when important project names, topics, and keywords are mentioned across your organization.

Video Playback Icon.

Search live communication

Search through meeting recordings to revisit valuable discussions. Search for topics, projects or names.

Meeting Icon.

Have fewer meetings

Running meetings more effectively and utilising meeting video leads to a reduction in meetings overall.

Bring visibility to Hybrid & Remote teams.

Hybrid and Remote teams require better tools to keep communication flowing and to maintain focus and alignment. More meetings is not the answer, a digital first meeting experience is.

30 mins -> 30 secs.

Scan through multiple meetings. Understand 30 minutes, in 30 seconds.

Meeting Search

Perfect records, zero effort.

The Meeting Library means you have a perfect record of all your communication.

Meeting Video Segments

Built for Hybrid & Remote.

Clearword is made to help distributed workforces thrive & scale.

Have better (or less) meetings.

Clearword makes meetings more efficient so your team can focus on real work.

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