Clearword, the home of your meetings.

The home for your meetings.

At Clearword we believe that meetings were never meant to be like this. We think it should be easy to have effective meetings and to harness the valuable information created in each discussion.

Clearword's Mission: Help teams thrive

Our Mission.

Help teams thrive.

We have worked in remote organizations for many years now and know that there are many inefficiencies involved with remote work and online meetings. We believe that by removing friction points from online communication and redefining how we meet, we can help teams and people thrive.

Create the future of meetings.

Meetings are where our most important and creative ideas orginate from. Teamwork, discussion and communication is critical in building successful ideas and companies. We believe current tools only scratch the surface of what is possible. Clearword is here to create the future of what it means to meet online.

Artwork image of team on virtual meeting within a laptop

The Team.

We are passionate about building elegantly crafted digital experiences.

Eddie Johnston

Lead Frontend Developer

Clodagh Monks

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer

Ross Duggan

Chief Technology Officer

Mallory Mullan

Head Of Marketing

David Coallier

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Shane Devane

Software Engineer

Kompal Joshi

Data Analyst

Taras Zagibalov

NLP Engineer

Daire Irwin

Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

Emma Kavanagh

UX Designer