Press Release: Clearword Launches Real-Time Meeting AI Targeting the ROI of Meetings and Business Productivity

Clearword announces its new Real-time Meeting AI, aimed at enhancing the ROI of time invested in meetings.
Clearword's Real-Time Meeting AI changes how we work - it provides live meeting assistance to turn conversations into immediate, actionable tasks, added into productivity tools before meetings end. — David Coallier, CEO

Clearword has announced the release of its Real-time Meeting AI solution. This technology integrates AI for automating tasks such as meeting notes, creating tickets in task trackers, updating client entries in CRM, and follow-ups, as conversations happen, aiming to save time and effort for organizations and employees. Clearword integrates with popular platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams to provide real-time assistance during meetings.

David Coallier, CEO of Clearword, states that this technology is designed to enhance meeting efficiency by automating several manual tasks. Real-time Meeting AI incorporates various AI technologies including recording, transcription, summarization AI, and Large Language Models (LLMs) to deliver real-time insights and actionable information during meetings. The system is capable of transcribing meetings, identifying key points, assigning tasks, and generating action items and follow-up emails, which are then synchronized with calendars, task management systems, and CRMs.

Current users have reported the following impact to their work:

→ Reduced meeting time by 60%: Decreases the need for manual note-taking and task creation.

→ Increased meeting efficiency by 30%: Captures and makes all relevant information actionable during the meeting.

→ Improved meeting follow-up by 80%: Automates creation and distribution of action items and follow-up emails.

→ Enhanced collaboration and workflow simplification: Organizes, shares, and distributes meeting-related data.

Clearword’s mission is to make meetings healthier. The product focuses on improving the ROI of time spent in meetings, mainly efficiency and productivity. This includes features such as live productivity with real-time note creation, automated action item export, a searchable knowledge base for easy information retrieval, and a privacy-first platform that respects confidentiality in meetings.

The company supports over 100 languages and provides integration with multiple CRM,  project management tools,  and collaboration products aiming to reduce the administrative tasks associated with meetings and improve the overall meeting experience.

For detailed information on Clearword and its offerings, the company's website is available for reference.

About Clearword

Clearword is a leading provider of AI-first and AI-powered meeting productivity solutions that help organizations and employees work smarter, not harder. The company’s flagship product, Clearword Real-time Meeting AI, is redefining the way we meet and work by automating meeting notes, action items, and follow-up tasks. With Clearword, organizations can save countless hours of time and effort, increase productivity, and achieve better results.

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