Remote and Hybrid Work Maturity Index - Levels

Understand where you stand to continuously provide support to your remote teams. Grow into a more satisfied, productive and mature hybrid company.


As per our introductory Remote and Hybrid Work Maturity Index, this article aims at providing the basic levels of the Maturity Index Framework.

Remote and Hybrid Maturity Level 1

These are companies and industries whose physical presence is required. The company hires in their proximity and usually locally. The management is all done in person, and the use of emails is limited to communicating with external parties (suppliers, etc.).


Remote and Hybrid Maturity Level 2

These are companies and industries whose physical presence is required. They make use of live text-based-chat applications such as Whatsapp, Slack, etc.

They still rely heavily on email often as the main project management tool.

They have discovered semi-synchronous communications. They also realise the value of tracking projects and goals in a shared manner.


Remote and Hybrid Maturity Level 3

Companies and industries who've realised the value of remote work and tolerate it. This also includes companies with more than one office. These are companies which make use of live-chat and video-communication. They also use project management tools.

Most of the management is still done in person, and meetings minutes and notes are usually sparse.

At this level, the company has generally moved most of their operations to online tools.


Remote and Hybrid Maturity Level 4

Companies and industries where they tolerate remote and hybrid work, with established guidelines. These are companies where online meetings are pervasive. They often have workers in multiple offices, regions or time zones.

These companies have basic meeting hygiene in place. They may have agendas, share meeting minutes, record their meetings and share them across their organization.

They have realised the value of training your leadership for hybrid work models and supporting their remote teams.


Remote and Hybrid Maturity Level 5

These companies are smooth operators when working remotely. They have established and understood guidelines.

Meetings are recorded, accessible and notes are shared consistently. We've noticed that those companies have a solid meeting hygiene which helps improve people's morales.

These are companies which have developed hybrid-first processes. Whether it's around people processes, culture, hiring, or management, they appreciate the difference between office-first and hybrid-first and invest in training their people.

Modern leadership techniques are pervasive, and that's often reflected in their employee satisfaction.


Remote and Hybrid Maturity Level 6

These are the companies people want to work for, especially post-pandemic. They have established hybrid work guidelines, and they are happy for you to work wherever you want.

Meetings are recorded, summarised, shareable, searchable and easily accessible. People in different offices, remote teams and members in different locations do not have to worry about missing a meeting, or staying up at all hours. They can participate in meetings even after they've happened.

These companies have a complete toolset for asynchronous and synchronous communication.

They have solid meeting hygiene with clear agendas, notes, minutes. The discussions people have, the heart of your company, your people-capital, is rarely lost because the tools are in place to help teams and people professionally progress.

With strong meeting hygiene bases, and a natural understanding of hybrid-first work models, these companies do not over-communicate. These companies do not burn their employees with nauseatingly busy calendars.

Leaders are trained, and they come prepared. Instead of "checking up on" their teams, they have the tools to provide assistance, without being disruptive.

These are diverse and intrinsically inclusive companies with tools and processes in place to encourage it.