Using video to amplify the voice of the customer

In a remote-first culture where customers expect ongoing engagement and relationships, a video-powered feedback tool is more important than ever. Utilizing VoC not only brings the voice of your customers into your every product decision to increase customer satisfaction, but it also scales your revenue and adoption of net-new customers. 

Every company wants to be successful—and being successful means meeting and exceeding customer expectations. But how can you tell if customers are satisfied or what changes they want to see in your products or services? Of course, you can look at revenue and churn, but these indicators only reveal part of the story. 

Voice of Customer (VoC) tools help companies solicit, organize, and analyze customer feedback straight from the source. To really understand what your customers want, you have to listen to what the customers want in their own words. Voice of Customer (VoC) allows you to engage with customers and discover where you're meeting expectations and falling short—creating an easily searchable database of customer insights that can help you increase adoption, reduce churn, and improve your customers' lives. 

VoC is already a powerful product and user research tool. But when you combine it with video, it can be a game changer. With video-based VoC, reviews have more of a personal touch. You can share positive reviews to boost company morale and motivation, tag and analyze video feedback to highlight and take action on customer concerns, and put a face to customer feedback to improve your products.

How VoC can help SaaS businesses

Running a SaaS business can, by its nature, be a remote enterprise. Many, if not most, of your customer interactions occur digitally or over the phone. The pandemic also pushed more and more customer interactions online. Without a customer sitting across from you, it can be hard to get a sense of what the customer wants—or get the motivation you receive from getting feedback from a person in real life. 

Adding video to your VoC arsenal makes interacting with a customer more personal and inspiring. You get to see them on screen and hear the customer on their terms, which can help you nip brand crises in the bud, test new products and concepts, and customize solutions to customer desires. And with a centralized VoC library, you can also easily tag, share, and interpret this data across teams, highlighting successes and pinpointing challenges to improve the customer journey and employee engagement. 

Common VoC techniques and tools

With VoC, you can ask your customers questions related to company goals to get specific feedback on various issues. You might ask customers for feedback about the pros and cons of a newly launched product to make improvements or ask customers who've reduced their usage from last year what was behind their drop in activity.

VoC is the broad term for soliciting, organizing, and analyzing targeted customer feedback. But when it comes to getting responses, there are many techniques for engagement. Below are just a few.

Customer interviews

One of the most common VoC techniques, a customer interview, allows a brand to poll an individual or a group about products, services, or performance using the phone, email, or in person. Customer interviews are a time investment but allow for more personal interaction, building the trust required to receive complex feedback.

Live chat

Attaching a questionnaire to the end of a customer service interaction allows you to get feedback when people are thinking about it, targeting people who have an issue with or question about your product. Many customers use the chat function to resolve product or process issues already.

Customer surveys

A cost-effective way to poll many people at one time, customer surveys allow you to ask a range of targeted questions in an easy-to-use, adaptable interface. While not as personal as an interview, surveys can reach a wide swath of your customers in a short amount of time.

How video can amplify VoC within your organization

The above channels engage customers and provide insight into customer behavior, opinions, and pain points. But the more personal you can get with the customer, the more data you're likely to get—and the easier it will be to motivate action. Adding video to your VoC toolkit will help you conduct product and user research with more depth and insight, boosting customer satisfaction and retention alongside your bottom line.

Here are five key ways video can enhance VoC benefits for your brand. 

Increase visibility

The more you know about your customers, the more you can do for them. With the power of video-based VoC, customer conversations come alive—and with them, the ability to dig into the data to delight customers, expand revenue, and reduce churn.

Foster company-wide customer feedback

With video-powered VoC, you can engage customers on specific issues—the speed of the customer success team, for example, or the best features of a product—and share it across the organization, creating a common repository of feedback that will help teams celebrate successes and collaborate on solutions.

Leverage data

You can't act on data that you can't interpret. With video VoC, you can feed customer calls into a shareable and searchable knowledge base, allowing everyone in the company to share and analyze the same information. And with the interactive interface, you can tag key people or teams and share relevant quotes with different departments, getting the right data to the right place—inspiring fast effective action.

Share customer 'aha!' moments

Nothing is more motivating than a satisfied customer, and a video feedback tool helps you capture important moments in a customer's journey. Whether the customer realizes why a product doesn't work for them or identifies what they need from a customer success interaction, video captures the information and the emotion in an easy-to-digest, easy-to-share medium. 

Turn user insights into roadmaps

Customer feedback doesn't just give you information—it's a call to action. With video feedback tools, you can quickly morph customer suggestions into customer-centric action plans, turning feedback into material improvements and success.

Coach your CSMs for success

One of the most difficult things is teaching CSMs the art of managing feedback. But with video VoC, you can capture the moments in client calls where CSMs succeeded—or where they could have improved—turning feedback into coaching sessions to help train a new generation of customer success leaders. A highly-skilled CSM team, in turn, increases adoption & reduces churn, increasing your bottom line.

Get started on your video VoC journey

In a remote-first culture where customers expect ongoing engagement and relationships,  a video-powered feedback tool is more important than ever. Utilizing VoC not only brings the voice of your customers into your every product decision to increase customer satisfaction, but it also scales your revenue and adoption of net-new customers. 

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