Build a better home for your meetings.

With Clearword’s all-in-one platform you can schedule your meetings, host them via Google Meet and Zoom and let our AI Meeting Assistant record and automate your notes for you.

  • Schedule your meeting
  • Host on Google Meet or Zoom
  • Record, transcribe and automate meeting notes
  • Collaborate with a shareable & searchable meeting library

Designed to compliment how you meet.
Clearword integrates with Zoom and Google Meet.

Automatically summarize and make Zoom meetings searchable and actionable.Automatically summarize and make Google Meeting meetings searchable and actionable.
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The virtual HQ for your meetings

Clearword is designed for distributed teams first. It is the foundation for you and your teams to have better, more effective meetings.

Product image of Clearword meeting scheduler tool

Scheduling made easy.

Use the Clearword scheduler to easily invite meeting attendees with one simple link. Invite directly, include in your email signature or list on your website - the possibilities are endless.

Collaborate at every step with your single meeting page.

Once you've created a new meeting invite, your single meeting page will instantly be created. The central home for your meeting discussion, this is where you can share agendas, make pre-meeting notes and the place where all of your meeting recordings, automated summaries and notes will be added post-call.

Product image of tagging someone in comments on Clearword single meeting pageThe Clearword UI showing a user leaving a comment under a meeting and tagging a coworker in their comment.
Product image of joining a Google Meet or Zoom meeting from within Clearword

Host in-platform with Google Meet & Zoom.

Seamlessly integrate your Google Meet or Zoom accounts with Clearword to host all of your meetings in one place.

Record, transcribe & automate meeting notes.

Add the Clearword meeting assistant to your calls and leave the rest to us. The meeting recording, transcription, and automated notes will be added to your meeting page post-call so you can be present in the conversation and spend less time multi-tasking.

Product image of chapters created from meeting transcription in the Clearword meeting page
Product image of searching for keyword 'sales' in Clearword meeting library

Searchable & shareable meeting library.

Organize your meetings to fit your team's workflow and never miss a meeting again. Search your library for any meeting by keyword, share it with anyone you'd like, and collaborate from anywhere, at any time. Perfect for hybrid or async workflows!

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Better meetings for every team.

Human Resources

Take employee happiness to a whole new level. Onboard employees 10x faster and make it easier to conduct 1:1s with Clearword.


Hire the best candidate in half the time. Easily share interview highlights and feedback with hiring managers in a single page.


Build valuable relationships with your prospects while Clearword AI collects the recording, notes, and insights for you.


Use your searchable video library to turn sales and CX calls into messaging that resonates with your audience.

Customer Success

Amplify the Voice of Customer within your organization. Easily highlight and share customer needs and wants with stakeholders.


Advance your product builds with direct insights into what your customers truly want.