The AI assistant for your meetings.

Centralize your Google Meet and Zoom meetings in one platform and let Clearword automate the rest.

Product image of joining a Google Meet or Zoom meeting from within Clearword meeting page
Artwork sketch of people on a virtual meeting on a laptop screen

The virtual HQ for your meetings.

Product image of joining a Google Meet meeting from within Clearword single meeting page.

Integrate your Clearword account with Google Meet and Zoom.

Yep, it's that simple! Connect your Google Workspace with your Clearword account and start hosting meetings in your platform of choice.

Utilize the Clearword scheduler to invite and schedule your meetings.

Create a new meeting from right inside the platform or share your custom scheduler link to let guests book in with you on-demand.

Meeting Scheduler.
Product image of transcript within Clearword single meeting page

Never miss a thing with automated notes, recordings and summaries.

You're in complete control when you put your meetings on autopilot. Choose which meetings you wish to invite the Clearword meeting assistant to and let the AI do the rest - including taking all of your notes for you!

The Clearword UI showing a user leaving a comment under a meeting and tagging a coworker in their comment.

Collaborate pre, during and post-meeting with one meeting page.

Voila! Your meeting page is instantly populated post-call with your recording, summary, and notes so you can continue collaborating.

If you chose not to invite the meeting assistant to a call, you'll still have a meeting page to add your manual notes and comments to so collaboration is still effortless.

Product image of tagging someone within comments on Clearword single meeting page.