Clearword for Agencies

Reduce meetings, deliver quality work faster

Automatically summarize and make Zoom meetings searchable and actionable.Automatically summarize and make Google Meeting meetings searchable and actionable.
1000's of teams trust Clearword to make their meetings better.
Automatic Meeting Summaries
Unlock exceptional client communication.
Say goodbye to admin work and follow-ups. Clearword automatically creates a meeting summary, action items, video recording, transcript & more, assembling it into a concise, useful document.

All your meeting information, effortlessly organized in a single source of truth.
Searchable Meeting Library
Teams and clients on the same page.
Among the many challenges an agency faces is keeping effective communication between client and teams. Clearword helps keep project delivery on time by automating the process of maintaining high quality records of meetings.

All project meetings are organized in a searchable meeting library that creates an environment of clarity, context and detail for both client and team.
Multiple Workspaces
Scale your agency, maximise profits.
Clearword effortlessly documents and organizes the agency meetings so information clarity and context is accessible at all times. This ensures client communication and transfer to the team is flawless. Scaling communication effectively is one of the biggest challenges to growing a thriving agency.

Clearword automates the process so you can take on more by doing less.
Collaborative Meeting Communication
Simplify complex projects.
Too often busy teams working on multiple projects end up having to repeat information across different teams and information inevitably ends up getting lost. Clearword gives you the ability to have perfect recall over what was said, and who said what.

Simplify and speed up delivery by sharing meeting pages, summaries and recordings instead of repeating everything.

Unlock the new era of Client-Team meetings.

Works with,
Simple Sharing
Share your meeting with settings that put you in control. Copy and share with simple link.
Automate Notes & Follow up
Clearword writes your meeting notes and makes it easy to send however you please.
Industry Best Transcript
Highly accurate transcription, Clearword passes key accuracy benchmarks at 95%.
Powerful Search
Enhance team communication, alignment, and collaboration through clear and concise information derived from meetings.
Organized Meeting Library
The home for your meetings. Enhance team communication, alignment, and collaboration through clear and concise information captured from meetings.
Collaborate easily
Create workspace channels and collaborate easily with clients, customers or teammates.
Integrate and automate your workflow
Log meeting notes, transcripts, and recordings in your CRM and collaboration apps like Hubspot, Jira, Notion, Google Docs, Gmail + more.
“As an avid user and strong advocate of Clearword, I've come to value its powerful features. I constantly find myself speaking about its benefits to everyone I interact with, especially during my frequent Zoom calls.”
Tony Jamous
CEO Oyster HR
“Clearword brings immense value to our meetings, and now the team can’t live without it. It is amazing what it has done to change our meetings for the better.”
Chris Kennedy
CTO Pulsate
“Clearword is super helpful for all my meetings, either with clients or the team. I just send the Clearword link after my calls and my updates are done. Saves me tons of time everyday.”
Jeff Walden
CEO Atomic Glue
“Clearword has transformed how effective and productive I can be. It also allows me to skip meetings and stay informed. Amazing product!”
Pat Phelan
CEO Sisu
Experience the new era of meetings.